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Halibut Fishing

All along the Pacific Coast, from Oregon to the extreme reaches of the Aleutian Islands in Alaska, the continental Shelf pulses wth halibut. This main artery of the Pacific Ocean provides opportunity for halibut to gorge themselves on easy meals. It also provides sport for anglers who want to test strength and wits against these bottom denizens.Halibut fishing Tips.

Vancouver Island BC, is situated along the continental shelf and is a halibut fishing destination of choice around the world. We target halibut offshore of Telegraph Cove on Vancouver Island BC's east coast as well as Kyuquot Sound and Quatsino sound (Winter Harbour) on the west coast of Vancouver Island. Chicken halibut up to 25 lbs are plentiful with larger fish ranging from 60 to to 200 lbs.

Not only are the waters relaively calm outside Telegraph Cove when compared to the west coast of the island but there are other activities such as whalewatching, kayaking, and fresh water fishing as well.

Full Contact Charters works off the dock of Telegraph Cove Marina's new facility. Visit Telegraph Cove Marina here to book your accomodations.


This Hali was caught off Vancouver Islands
coast and is a good example of what BC has to offer. It was caught in 80 feet
of water and took about a half hour to land. The guy
who gets credit for this fish is taking the picture. No one had
a scale, so based on the scale below you estimate the weight.
It will help you to know I'm 6'2" and I'm
holding the bar about 52" off the dock.

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February 20, 2008 11:38 AM